Grad Night is one of the most memorable nights for high school and secondary school students. The evening is filled with excitement from all the preparation of finding the perfect “grad” dress and tux to impress your date, to choosing the fanciest limo to arrive in. For the school, the selection of the venue to facilitate such an experience for their students is a high pressure task which plays an important role in creating a night to remember!

For some schools, we’re only 5 months away from the night their graduating students will remember for a very long time!

We’ve got six very important tips to share:


The student graduation committee, along with adult advisors should create a list of venue options to host the event based on the date, size, location and price. All these factors will play a key role in the final decision.

Narrow the initial list down to the top three that the committee will then tour to determine if it will fit the needs of the event. It’s hard to tell if a theme like a “Night in Paris” can be carried out with a large replica of the Eiffel Tower without doing a proper site visit first.


Consider if the site is in a central location for those attending to easily reach. Take into account those who will need to be on site for decorating and other behind the scenes details, and need enough time to later dress for the event. Décor may need to be put in place a day in advance. Factor this into cost and timing when reserving the space.

Don’t overlook details like a grand and well-decorated entrance to your grad venue. This wow-factor really sets the mood and tone for the event upon arriving.


High heels and long graduation gowns make a long trek from the parking lot difficult. Make sure the venue includes a place near the arrival spot to freshen up. Create a backdrop area for photos near the entrance to allow everyone to gather for a few moments to greet friends and smile for portraits and selfies.


The event budget may include the cost of a meal. This may be a more economical option for the student body and adds another level of elegance for the event. Obtain a good estimate of how many are expected to attend. Then make inquiries about menu options early in the planning process to stay within the designated budget. Also remember that many people have dietary restrictions, so learn if the venue can accommodate special requests.


The event planner at the venue will ask if a DJ or live band will be hired to provide dance music. Determine the need for audio equipment and someone to handle this aspect. This will ensure good sound quality. Secure either the DJ or band well in advance to lock in the date on their schedule.


Make sure to create a hashtag for the student body to share their photos from the festivities, for example, #QRCClassOf2019 or #ConventForever. Schools typically tag us too at @SignatureHall_  or like us on Facebook. We can help build excitement with social media posts directed at the student body and countdown to the big day. Yes, your grad night will be the highlight of the school year!

Signature Hall has what it takes to create the most memorable grad night ever! Our staff can work with the graduation committee to transform the space into the most creative theme. Contact us today at 222-8896.

We’ll help make it a night to remember from arrival to the final dance!